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4-6’ also called Western Serviceberry. Saskatoon or Shadbush. J Candrian introduction Regent, ND. Comact shrub form with fragrant white flowers in early spring and large 1/3”-1/2” blueberry-like sweet purplish berries in July sweeter than blueberries. Berries are good in pies and jams, fresh or dried. Used by native people in western prairies to make pemmican. Also polular with wildlife. Nice red-orange fall color. Regent was selected for excellent foliage and berry production. Generally considered the best ornamental cultivar. Prefers slightly acid soil, pH5-7. thrives as well along streams beds as it does on rocky slopes. Tolerates partial shade, salt, pollution and wet spots but not standing water. Needs sweating before planting to break dormancy. Native to northwestern North America. Z2


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