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8-12’ Also known as Crampbark. Mult-stemmed shrub, good for screens and hedges, has clusters of whit flowers in May. Pendulousclustoers of brilliant red orange berries hang September-February and arestill edible off the bush in mid winter. Berries make jams and preserves, also are poolular with dozens of bird species, especially was wings. Flowers help attract and support beneficial insects. Bark is used as anti-spasmodic; tea especially good for relieving menstrual cramping. Wentworth was selected for edibility and large fruit size in the early 1900’s from a collection of 3000 viburnums. It also features bright lime-green leaves and red fall foliage. Tolerates dry soils if high in organic matter, but prefers rich moist well drained soils, sun or shade. Soil pH 6-7. pollution tolerant. Susceptible to viburnum leaf beetle; check with your local extension office or nursery to determine if this could be a problem. This is not a bog cranberry. Native from Canada to NY. Self- pollinating. Z2 6-18” heavy transplants


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