Free Range Chickens

Non-GMO Fed Local MN Raised Free Range Chickens - Hormone Free - Antibiotic Free

Red Ranger Chickens

  • Old French heritage that can't be bought at the grocery store.
  • Allowed to roam free from coop to pasture
  • Raised on white clover and alfalfa pasture, double the size needed
  • Supplimented on GMO Free Soy and Corn Free Feed
  • Humainly raised in a low stress environment.

How to Order?

Call us at 218-768-4347


Price per lb $3.99

Average weight of chickens 4 ½ -5 lbs per chicken

We require a $5 deposit per chicken as demand has been quite high.

Pickup Dates

Anytime between 4 pm and 9 pm

  • July 9
  • August 27
  • October 15

If for any reason your are not 100% satisified you will be refunded in full.