What Are the Different Root Stock Preferences for Fruit Trees?

Did you realize that there are two primary components to an apple tree? Rootstock and Scion

Rootstock & Scion

  • Part 1….The Rootstock…. this controls the growth habit of the tree.
  • Part 2 …The Scion wood this also means the variety of the tree (like “Honeycrisp”, for example).

Dwarf Rootstock

  • Also referred to as Budagovsky 9 or (B-9), Malling 26 or (M26), Geneva 41 or (G41).
  • 8-10’ Tall, very easy to prune, thin and pick, need support.
  • These trees will want to produce fruit in the 1st or 2nd year Instant gratification. 1-2 bushels in 3-4 year.

Semi-Dwarf Rootstock

  • M-7 or EMLA 7 Malling 7.
  • 15’ tall, do not need support, fruit production 4-6 years, about 3-4 bushels.

Standard Rootstock

  • Columbia Crab is one of the primary Rootstocks.
  • 25’ tall, does not need to be supported, hard to prune and pick, produces 7 bushels of apples.