What is a Dwarf Apple Tree?

Dwarf Apple Trees

  • A Dwarf Apple Tree is a tree that is about 40% in size to a Standard Tree.
  • They produce Fruit in 1-2 years where a Standard tree can take 7 years.
  • Easier to prune and thin.
  • Easier to harvest.
  • Will need support

How do I get a Dwarf Apple Tree?

  • You need to contact a grower or specialized nursery that has Dwarf Root Stocks (Gilby’s).
  • Most Nurseries you need to order the trees 2 years prior to when you want them.
  • Most Nurseries also have minimum order quantities like 50 trees.
  • It is very uncommon to find a Dwarf Apple Tree at your local garden center.
  • You will 9 times out of 10 find Semi Dwarf Malling 7.

Why would you choose a Dwarf Apple Tree

  • You can plant many trees in a small area you can plant 3’ apart.
  • 60% increase in yield.
  • Instant gratification!

What types of trees can you get on Dwarfing rootstock?

  • We currently have Honeycrisp and Zestar on B-9 Rootstock