Why POLLINATION is so Important!

POLLINATION: Very Important! You must to have two different varieties of apple trees, in the same Bloom Time, to pollinate your apple trees. Apple trees NEED to be pollinated to produce fruit! Three Bloom Times for Read More …

Why Grow Dwarf Apple Trees?

Rethinking Apple Growing At Gilby’s Dwarf & High Density Apple Trees We started our orchard with Dwarf, Semi Dwarf and Standard trees. With our lessons learned over the years we found out Mother Nature can Read More …

When Are the Different Apples Ready?

Our apples mature at different times throughout the harvest season starting in August and going into October. See the chart below for more information on your favorite variety.

When will my tree bear fruit?

Dwarf trees will bear fruit in the first year or two. Semi Dwarf 3-5 years Standard 5-7 years. We encourage you not to let any of these trees bear fruit for the first two years, Read More …

What is a bare-root tree?

Trees dug from the ground when they are dormant (leafless) and the root are shaken free of soil. They are kept cool with their roots moist until planted.

What is a Pollinator?

Different apple variety  in the same bloom time with different parents to achieve maximum apple production.