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Benefits of Bare Root Trees:

  • Planting bare-root or bareroot trees can be one of the best bargains in gardening. While it may seem strange to plant a tree with roots not contained in soil, it’s actually an excellent practice that boasts immense success.
  • Many bare-root trees, in particular grafted fruit trees, have already been growing for two or more years before they’re sold.
  • You’re getting a good-sized tree that’s ready to take off once it gets tucked into soil.
  • Cost can be half the price of buying a tree in a container.

POLLINATION: Very Important! You must to have two different varieties of apple trees, in the same Bloom Time, to pollinate your apple trees. Apple trees NEED to be pollinated to produce fruit!

Please Remember: We Do Not Ship – Onsite Pickup Only

Three Pickup Locations for Spring 2019 – Aitkin, Detroit Lakes & Hastings!

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Estimated Pricing for Spring 2019

  • Dwarf trees $29.99
  • Semi Dwarf and Standard range from $34.99 to $44.99 (based on the size of the tree)
  • Deer Food Plot $219.99

Down Payment Required: Please send $10 for each tree ordered, $25 per deer food plot.

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  • This year we offer three locations! Please choose your preferred pick-up location below.

    Payment Methods:

    • >> Mail check to: Gilby’s Nursery & Orchard | 30636 435th Ln | Palisade, MN 56469
    • >> Phone Credit Card Payment: You can call (218-670-0561) to make a credit card payment.
    • >> Pay Online (Use Paypal or Credit Card)
    • B9 = Dwarf 8 - 10' tall
    • G41 = Dwarf 8 - 10' tall
    • M7 = Semi-Dwarf 15' tall
    • Std = Standard 25' tall
    • N/A = Not Available Until 2019

    Add $25 (per unit) or more, if you ordered Deer Food Plot(s).

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  • Make sure you plan for the correct Cold Hardiness Zone - Not sure? Click Here

  • Dwarf Apple Trees: B9 & G41 (8'-10')

  • Please enter the quantity you want in the field below each apple type.
  • Semi-Dwarf Apple Trees (15')

  • Standard Apple Trees (25')

  • Flowering Crab

  • Plums

  • Pears

  • Cherries

  • Maple Trees

  • Deer Food Plot Special

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