Deer Food Plot

You will get (depending on availability): Hazen, Dolgo Crab. Red Baron, Norland, Wodarz, Frostbite Yellow Transparent, Goodland, Prairie Magic, KinderKrisp, Honeycrisp & Haralson.


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Deer Food Plot

Gilby’s Deer Food Plot Special!

We select 7 Apple Trees in 3 Different Bloom Seasons with different parents on Standard Rootstocks.

We also make sure the trees we select are cold hardy to the location you will be planting the trees.  Please note on average: The trees will be ¾”- 1” in caliper and 7-8’ tall

Early Season varieties: will bring deer into your food plot in the end of August.

  • Zestar, State Fair, Kinderkrisp, Yellow Transparent, Wodarz, Hazen, Norland, Dolgo Crab, Chestnut Crab

Mid Season Varieties: will provide fruit throughout Sept and into October.

  • Honeycrisp, Fireside, Sweet 16, Prairie Magic, Red Baron, Goodland

Late Season Varieties: will provide fruit from October through November.

  • Haralson, Haralred, Frostbite



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