Northcountry Blueberry

Recommended for commercial plantings and home gardens.


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Northcountry Blueberry


Northcountry Blueberry | Vaccinium ‘Northcountry’

Bundle: All Blue Berries will come 5 plants to a bunch.

Plant Size: 12″ Multiple Branches

Note: We do recommend multiple varieties for optimal pollination

Plant description

A sibling of ‘Northsky’ introduced in 1988 – plants larger and more productive than ‘Northsky’. Recommended for commercial plantings and home gardens. Fruit 1/2″ in diameter with an attractive sky blue color. Flavor sweet and mild. Mature plants 18-24″ high, 30-40″ in diameter. Fruits approximately 5 days earlier than ‘Northblue’ and extends for 2-3 weeks. Partially self-fruitful. Shown to be a reliable choice for home use in zone 3, but will produce larger yields in higher zones.

Bundle: 5 plants to a bunch

Height: 18-24″

Spread: 30-40″

Exposure: Full Sun

Zone: 3-8


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