Parker Pear Large Size 7/8th

Large Size Shipping 7/8th caliper

Popular for fine-grained, tender, juicy flesh. Fruit must be picked before it ripens.


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Parker Pear Large Size 7/8th


Large Size- 7/8th Caliper Large Size Shipping

Bare Root Pear Tree


University of Minnesota introduction.

Open-pollinated seedling of a Manchurian pear.

Large, yellow-bronze fruit. Fine grained, tender and juicy. Upright and vigorous grower.

Pollinator for ‘Luscious’. Best pollinator for Parker = Summer Crisp.

Root Stock: Our Parker Pears are grafted on Old Home x Farmingdale 333 root stock which is naturally semi dwarfing 15’ rootstock which is also fireblight resistant.

Cold Hardiness Zone: 3


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