REOTEMP Moisture Meter


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Moisture Meter is a heavy-duty moisture meter used by orchards and nurseries to get a relative moisture level reading.

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The REOTEMP™ Backyard Moisture Meter (MM15) has a 15″ stem and measures the moisture content of your soil with a sensor at the bottom of the probe.

You May be wondering: How wet’s your soil?™ Now you will know and be able to more efficiently monitor the moisture in the feeder root system of your fruit trees.

The 0 to 10 scale of the MM15 indicates a relative “wetter” or “dryer”. Note: the probe will not display a percent moisture.

The probe is sensitive only at the tip. Calibration instructions are conveniently printed on the side of the meter head and included on the back of the box.

The MM15 has a 1-year limited warranty.

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Free Moisture Meter Guide PDF