Summer Crisp 7′


This early ripening pear has the crunch and juiciness of an Asian pear with a slight aromatic flavor.

1 1/4″ Caliper

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Bare Root Pear Tree

Pear Eating Attributes: Crisp, juicy …3-4” long and 2-3” in diameter….

Ripens end of August great pollinator for Golden Spice.

Root Stock:  Semi Dwarf Oldhome X Farmingdale 333

The Summer Crisp Pear Tree produces exactly the kind of pear you think it would – a crispy pear with a summer harvest.

Best pollinator Parker or Golden Spice.

Our Summer Crisp Pears are grafted on Old Home x Farmingdale 333 root stock which is naturally semi dwarfing 15’ rootstock which is also fireblight resistant.

Cold Hardiness Zone 3