Bare Root Trees

Planting Bare Root Trees

Benefits of Bare Root Trees:

  • Planting bare-root or bareroot trees can be one of the best bargains in gardening.
  • Many bare root trees have already been growing for two or more years before they’re sold.
  • You’re getting a good-sized tree ready to take off once it gets tucked into your soil.
  • Cost can be half the price of buying a tree in a container.

POLLINATION: Very Important! You must to have two different varieties of apple trees, in the same Bloom Time, to pollinate your apple trees. Apple trees NEED to be pollinated to produce fruit!

Bare-root trees root stock preferences for apple trees:

  • Dwarf   |  8-10’ tallApples in 2 to 3 years. Prevent from growing fruit for the first two. This provides needed nutrition to the tree.

    • Budagovsky root stock or (B9)
    • Malling root stock or (M26)
    • Geneva 41 or (G41)
  • Semi Dwarf   |  15’ tallApples in 4 to 5 years.

    • Malling 27 root-stock or (M7)
  • Standard   |  25’ tallApples in 7 years.

    • Dolgo crab or Columbia Crab (Std)

We’re selling bare root fruit & shade trees and providing our customers with 16 years of experience growing the University of Minnesota’s best apples.

New this year…….. 3 New Distribution Locations and Shipping to 7 States

Let us help you with:

  • Your Personal Orchard design.
  • Selecting Correct Apple Tree for optimal pollination.
  • Selecting Correct Root-stock to meet your needs.
  • Experience to be successful growing apples in Zone 3 – 5
  • Pollination: Very Important. Did you realize that you need to have two different apple trees in the same bloom season to pollinate your apple trees?

Average pricing on our Bare Root Apple Trees is $29.99 – $45.00 these trees are approximately ¾” caliper (diameter) and 6-8’ tall.

Inventory while supply lasts.


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