Dwarf Bare Root Apple Trees – For Sale

Cortland - B9
Cortland - B9Bare Root Apple Tree Cortland apples are medium to large in size, and often rather …$29.99
Crispin - B9
Crispin - B9Sweet & tart, crisp firm and juicy large fruit great for fresh eating, cooking, juicing …$29.99
Haralson - M26
Haralson - M26Bare Root Apple Tree Firm texture with a complex tart flavor. Good for fresh eating …$29.99
Honeycrisp - B9Bare Root Apple Tree Sweet, well balanced, crisp, excellent flavor. Honeycrisp Apple Tree is a …$29.99
kindercrisp apple
KinderKrisp - G41Bare Root Apple Tree Outstanding flavor and crisp, fine texture reminiscent of Honeycrisp. Good Results …$29.99
mcintosh apples
McIntosh - B9Bare Root Apple Tree Sprightly flavor, good for making apple sauce. Moderately large fruit with …$29.99
Zestar Apple Tree
Zestar - B9Bare Root Apple Tree Crisp and juicy, excellent sweet tart flavor also very good for …$29.99