Dwarf Bare Root Apple Trees – For Sale


  • Dwarf 8-10’ tall – Apples in 2 to 3 years. Prevent from growing fruit for the first two. This provides needed nutrition to the tree.

    • Budagovsky root stock or (B9)
    • Malling root stock or (M26)
    • Geneva 41 or (G41)


FireStorm™ Honeycrisp
FireStorm™ HoneycrispFirestorm™ BAB2000 cv. is a highly colored red strain of Honeycrisp. Honeycrisp, bred by the …$29.99
Haralson - B9Bare Root Apple Tree Firm texture with a complex tart flavor. Good for fresh eating …$29.99
snowsweet apple
SnowSweet - B9Bare Root Apple Tree The SnowSweet® Apple is sweet with a slight tart balance and …$29.99
kindercrisp apple
KinderKrisp-B9Bare Root Apple Tree Outstanding flavor and crisp, fine texture reminiscent of Honeycrisp. Good Results …$29.99
Sweet 16 Apple
Sweet 16 - B9Crisp juicy texture, excellent sweet unusual flavor like cherry candy, fire blight resistant. The Sweet Sixteen …$29.99
Fireside Apple
Triumph or MN80 - B9Bare Root Tree ‘MN1980’ produces attractive fruit with occasional stem bowl russetting. It has demonstrated …$29.99
McIntosh - M26
McIntosh - M26Bare Root Apple Tree Sprightly flavor, good for making apple sauce. Moderately large fruit with …$29.99
Honeycrisp - B9Bare Root Apple Tree Sweet, well balanced, crisp, excellent flavor. Honeycrisp Apple Tree is a …$29.99
Zestar Apple Tree
Zestar - B9Bare Root Apple Tree Crisp and juicy, excellent sweet tart flavor also very good for …$29.99