Semi-Dwarf Bare Root Apple Trees – For Sale

  • Semi Dwarf 15’ tall – Apples in 4 to 5 years.
  • Malling 27 root-stock or (M7)


Zestar Apple Tree
Zestar - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Crisp and juicy, excellent sweet tart flavor also very good for …$39.99
winecrisp apples
Winecrisp - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Cream-colored flesh is juicy with full spicy flavors. This apple has …$39.99
Wealthy - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Tart balanced flavor, considered grandma’s best kept secret for pie. Antique …$39.99
Sweet 16 Apple
Sweet 16 - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Crisp juicy texture, excellent sweet unusual flavor like cherry candy, fire …$39.99
State Fair - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Striped red, juicy, moderately tart fruit good for eating and cooking. …$39.99
snowsweet apple
Snow Sweet - M7Bare Root Apple Tree The SnowSweet® Apple is sweet with a slight tart balance and …$39.99
Red Regent Apple
Red Regent - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Juicy, crisp, flavor is outstanding balance of sweet and tart, excellent …$39.99
mcintosh apples
MacIntosh - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Sprightly flavor, good for making apple sauce. Moderately large fruit with …$39.99
kindercrisp apple
KinderKrisp - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Outstanding flavor and crisp, fine texture reminiscent of Honeycrisp. Good Results …$39.99
Honeycrisp - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Sweet, well balanced, crisp, excellent flavor. Honeycrisp Apple Tree is a flavor …$39.99
honeygold apple
Honeygold - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Medium to large yellow apple, crisp, juicy and sweet. Excellent for …$39.99
Haralson - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Firm texture with a complex tart flavor. Good for fresh eating …$39.99
haralred apple
Haralred - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Haralred Apple produces a medium sized, deep red fruit. This crisp apple has a white, …$39.99
frostbite apple
Frostbite - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Crisp but firm texture and juicy. Small apple, crisp, very sweet, …$39.99
Fireside Apple
Fireside - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Large, sweet, pleasant flavor. Ripens mid to late October, has good …$39.99
Cortland - M7
Cortland - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Cortland apples are medium to large in size, and often rather …$39.99
connel_red apple
Connell Red - M7Bare Root Apple Tree Excellent for eating and cooking, distinctive flavor. It is a great …$39.99
Parker Pear
Parker PearBare Root Pear Tree X-Large Trees 1″ Caliper 8′ Tall University of Minnesota introduction. Open-pollinated …$39.99
Summer Crisp Pear
Summer CrispBare Root Pear Tree  X-Large Trees 1″ Caliper 8′ tall Pear Eating Attributes: Crisp, juicy …$39.99
Patten Pear
Patten PearPatten Pear | Pyrus ‘Patten’ Plant description: Fruit is of good size and very good quality. Very …$39.99
Liberty M7
Liberty M7Liberty Apple | Malus ‘Liberty’ Plant Description (‘Macoun’ x Perdue 54-12) New York, 1964. A …$39.99