Standard Bare Root Apple Trees – For Sale

Standard 25’ tall – Apples in 7 years.

Zestar Apple Tree
Zestar - StdBare Root Apple Tree Crisp and juicy, excellent sweet tart flavor also very good for …$39.99
wodarz apple
Wodarz - StdX-Large 1″ Caliper 8′ Tall Bare Root Apple Tree A vigorous apple used for eating and cooking …$39.99
yellow transparent apples
Yellow Transparent - StdThe first apples of the season. Well-known early summer apple, good for drying, freezing, sauce, …$39.99
State Fair - StdBare Root Apple Tree Striped red, juicy, moderately tart fruit good for eating and cooking. …$39.99
Sweet 16 Apple
Sweet 16 - StdBare Root Apple Tree Crisp juicy texture, excellent sweet unusual flavor like cherry candy, fire …$39.99
Red Baron Apple
Red Baron - StdBare Root Apple Tree Yellow red, crisp, juicy, sweet but mild flavor, very productive, good …$39.99
Prairie Magic Apple
Prairie Magic - StdBare Root Apple Tree Prairie Magic Apple is a small tree that is commonly grown for its edible …$39.99
norland apple
Norland - StdBare Root Apple Tree Very precocious and productive, small to medium fruit, good cooking and …$39.99
kindercrisp apple
Kindercrisp - StdBare Root Apple Tree Outstanding flavor and crisp, fine texture reminiscent of Honeycrisp. Good Results …$39.99
Honeycrisp - StdBare Root Apple Tree Sweet, well balanced, crisp, excellent flavor. Honeycrisp Apple Tree is a flavor …$39.99
hazen apple tree
Hazen - StdBare Root Apple Tree Sweet, mild, good for eating cooking and deserts, very winter hardy. …$39.99
haralred apple
Haralred - StdBare Root Apple Tree Haralred Apple produces a medium sized, deep red fruit. This crisp apple has a white, …$39.99
haralson apple
Haralson - StdBare Root Apple Tree Firm texture with a complex tart flavor. Good for fresh eating …$39.99
goodland apple
Goodland - StdBare Root Apple Tree Crisp, juicy, tender and aromatic, medium sized. Good for baking, very …$39.99
Gladiator Crab
Gladiator CrabBare Root Flowering Crab Tree An excellent ornamental tree with a profusion of bright pink …$79.99
frostbite apple
Frostbite - StdBare Root Apple Tree Crisp but firm texture and juicy. Small apple, crisp, very sweet, …$39.99
Fireside Apple
Fireside - StdBare Root Apple Tree Large, sweet, pleasant flavor. Resistant to Cedar-rust. Same parents as Connell …$39.99
dolgo crab apple
Dolgo Crab - StdBare Root Apple Tree Wonderful for jelly, great pollinator, ripens end of July and beginning …$44.99
chestnut crabapple
Chestnut Crab - StdBare Root Apple Tree Pleasant nut like flavor. Outstanding flavor and texture, very winter hardy. …$39.99
Hat Trick Espalier - Std
Hat Trick Espalier - StdThree outstanding apples on one tree! Budded and grown as an espalier, trained to grow …$89.99
Whitney Crabapple
Whitney CrabappleWhitney Crabapple | Malus ‘Whitney’ Plant description: Illinois, 1869. Fruit is yellow with red stripes. Good for …$29.99
Snowdrift Crabapple
Snowdrift CrabappleSnowdrift Crabapple | Malus ‘Snowdrift’ This outstanding white flowering crab has heavy-textured, glossy green foliage, and persistent …$79.99
Snow Sweet Std
Snow Sweet StdPlant description Parents (‘Sharon’ x ‘Connell Red’) Another example of the University of Minnesota’s expertise …$39.99
Macintosh Std
Macintosh StdPlant description Parents (‘Fameuse’ x ‘Detroit Red’) Ontario, Canada, 1870. A well-known older apple that …$39.99
Cortland - Std
Cortland - StdPlant description Parents (‘Ben Davis’ x ‘McIntosh’) New York, 1915. An older, well-known variety. Medium-sized …$39.99