Bare Root Pear Trees

Pear trees require another different pear tree for pollination.

  • Ure best pollinator Early Gold.
  • Early Gold Best pollinator Ure.
  • Golden Spice best pollinator Summer Crisp.
  • Parker best pollinator Summer Crisp.
  • Summer Crisp best pollinator Golden Spice or Summer Crisp.

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Early Gold PearSmall greenish/yellow fruit appear in early fall and are excellent for eating fresh, as well …$52.99
Parker Pear Large Size 7/8th
Parker Pear Large Size 7/8thLarge Size- 7/8th Caliper Large Size Shipping Bare Root Pear Tree   University of Minnesota …$53.99
Ure Pear-Large Size 7/8thBare Root Pear Tree Large Size- Special Shipping Cost 7/8ths “ Smaller tree (to 15 …$53.99
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