Bare Root Plum Trees

PLUM POLLINATION: Very Important! Our plum varieties are crosses between Japanese and American plums. While this creates hardy delicious fruit it also creates a nearly sterile tree.

Unlike apples, just having two different plum varieties flowering simultaneously will not insure proper cross pollination. We recommend to use Toka as your pollinator.


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PembinaBare Root Plum Tree Pembina plum is ovate and pointed, its flesh is yellow, juicy …$39.99
pipestone plum
Pipestone - StdBare Root Plum Tree General Description: One of the best plums for northern growers. This …$39.99
bubblegum toka plum tree
Toka - StdBare Root Plum Tree General Description: Toka, also known as Bubblegum Plum, is one of …$39.99
Waneta Plum
Waneta - StdBare Root Plum Tree General Description: The Waneta Plum produces well the first season after …$39.99
Superior Plum
Superior PlumPlant description Superior Plum | Prunus ‘Superior’ | Red – ‘Burbank’ x ‘Kaga’ (P. simonii) …$45.00
Mount Royal Plum
Mount Royal PlumPlant description Mount Royal Plum | Prunus ‘Mount Royal’ Blue – European Plum. Good eaten …$45.00
Black Lace Plum
BlackIce PlumPlant description BlackIce® Plum | Prunus ‘Lydecker’ PP16,621 BlackIce™ is a cross between a cherry …$45.00
Gilby's Alderman Plum
Alderman PlumAlderman Plum Burgundy red – Introduced in 1986 by the University of Minnesota. Excellent fresh …$45.00
Compass Cherry Plum
Compass Cherry PlumGreat cross pollinator for other varieties!$39.99