REOTEMP Moisture Meter

The REOTEMP™ Long Stem Compost Moisture Meter allows you to measure relative moisture deep within a large compost pile. It is used by composters, farmers, municipal compost operations, and nurseries across the country.

The meter measures the moisture content of your soil or compost pile by means of a sensor at the bottom of the probe.

While composting or gardening you often may wonder: How wet’s your soil? Now you will know and be able to more efficiently compost, garden or simply know if your plants need more water.

The 0 to 10 scale indicates a relative “wetter” or “dryer”. Note: the probe will not display a percent moisture.

The probe is sensitive only at the tip and the length of the stem is 15″.

Calibration instructions are conveniently printed on the side of the meter head.

The Long Stem Moisture Meter has a 1-year limited warranty.

Free Moisture Meter Guide PDF







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