Incredible, Wonderful Gourds!

Gourds may be one of the oldest cultivated plants, originally grown to make storage containers and utensils.

Although some varieties are edible when the fruit is young, most people grow them for their decorative qualities.

Gourds are members of the Cucurbit family, which includes cucumbers, squash and melons.

You want to liven up your holiday decorating?

I mean let’s just admit it…gourds add character and vitality to every occasion!

Common Name



Galaxy of the Stars

An exciting and attractive hybrid gourd mixture, Galaxy of the Stars brings interest to your fall market displays.

The mix produces unique star-shaped fruit in varying striped patterns in colors of yellow, cream, orange, green, and white.

The mature fruit holds up well to mechanical washing and waxing. 95 days to maturity.

Galaxy of Stars gourds are an excellent variety to boost fall sales at roadside or farmer’s markets.

Autumn Wings

Watch sales take flight with this unique winged mixture! Each fruit offers a winged bulb, an elongated neck, and rich, festive fall color. 100 days to maturity.

This formulated mix of warted and nonwarted types includes approximately 50% medium size winged gourds, plus 25% each small winged and large winged gourds.

All fruit sizes have bulbs approximately 2-1″/2 to 3″ in diameter, while neck length is 4-5″ for small gourds, 6″ for medium gourds, and 12″ for large gourds.

Note: Plant this mix early so that the fruit can fully mature before harvest. Wings of immature gourds are easily damaged and can rot.

Goblin Egg Mix

Goblin Egg Mix is truly a unique mixture of egg-shaped gourds. Unlike typical white egg shaped gourds, Goblin Egg Mix offers a varied selection of striped, bicolor, solid color, and uniquely patterned gourds.

The maturity (80 days) is also quicker than other small gourds.

Note: Although not pictured, this mix also contains a small percentage of mini pumpkins, Shenot Crown of Thorns and Small Spoon.

There may be a small percentage of out crosses in this mix as well.

Small Formula Blend

Small Formula Blend This attractive gourd seed mix caught our eye in our test plots. Only 95 Days to maturity, Small Formula Blend is a colorful blend or fancy small type gourds, with a few plain types mixed.

Popular types like Spoon, Pear Bicolor and Shenot Crown of Thorns are included along with different and colorful warted types.

This is an outstanding gourd blend to offer for fall ornamental sales.


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