Introducing the Triumph Apple!

MN1980 Apple

Triump Apple!

The University of Minnesota apple breading program has released MN 1980 with the new name: Triump!

MN1980 ripens up to a week after Honeycrisp, and according to the U of M published info sheet, it has good fresh eating qualities and a long storage life (up to nine months in common storage). The flavor is promoted as pleasantly tart but balanced. If it ripens a week after Honeycrisp, this variety may fill a nice niche in a fresh market setting.

Trees are available on dwarfing rootstock  B9 for 2021.

See the full information from the University of Minnesota below:

MN1980 Apple Cultivar

Parentage: Honeycrisp x Liberty
Harvest: 1-7 days after Honeycrisp
Size: 2.8 – 3.2 inches (around an 88 size)
Skin Color: 75-90% red
Scab: Good resistance
Cedar Apple Rust: Low to moderate susceptibility
Fruit may have occasional stem bowl russetting.

Tree Habits

Vigor: Moderate
Drop Susceptible: Low
Cropping: Consistent annual bearer
Hardiness: Up to zone 4
Fireblight: Not observed